‘El Arbol’ Final Drawing Revealed!

Here’s the final drawing for ‘El Arbol’ (The Tree), the next artwork in my Loteria series. Those of you that own my 2014 Calendar have seen an earlier concept version of this. I thought I could do it better though so I started over from scratch. In my opinion, this new drawing is already head and shoulders better than the previous. It’s 14″ x 21″, graphite on Strathmore 500.

I’ll reveal the final color artwork soon, and then ‘El Arbol’ will be all done.

The great Jay Lake agreed to model for this artwork, and today is exactly one year since his passing. I think he would dig being remembered as a tree of life, ideas, and inspiration, on this day of all days. Here’s to you, Jay.

In Loteria We Trust.


14 thoughts on “‘El Arbol’ Final Drawing Revealed!

    • WordPress chose today to be wonky so I only now saw the comments here on this piece, or else I certainly would’ve clicked ‘approve’ on them much sooner. Mary, thanks so much. Means the world.

  1. That is a beautiful drawing, and a most engaging portrait of Jay. I am his mother, and this is a hard day. You tree has brightened it considerably. Thank you, thank you, Sarah

    • Just emailed you, but saying here in front of everyone, thank you for bringing an amazing human into the world. He will not be forgotten. ‘Appreciate you taking the time to stop by. All best thoughts!

  2. Wow! What a tribute. You can feel the heart and soul of el arbol. When I looked at it, the lines of the bark and the roots just spoke to me of the depth of things that happen in our life. It also is so vibrant and you can feel life beating at it’s core. Wonderful job John!

  3. That really is fantastic, John. Although I always enjoy seeing the end result after color is added, your pencils are so outstanding that I’m glad you make those available to be seen as well. I have loved trees since my earliest childhood memories of walking through our neighborhood woods and climbing trees much higher than was probably safe to do. I have always felt a special connection to them and this piece inspires more of those feelings.

    • Thanks so much, Carl. I don’t know why WordPress only NOW notified me that your comment was here for approval (seriously, WP?), but I hugely appreciate your kind words. I had to put the color work on this aside to finish other client deadline work, but hopefully it’ll be finished soon so I can unveil the final.

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