By Popular Demand: The ‘La Sirena’ Poster!

LASIRENAposterLR2Ever since I first debuted my ‘La Sirena’ art, I’ve been getting tons of requests for her to be turned into a poster. Ask and ye shall receive, Loteria Lovers.

She is now the fourth official Lone Boy limited-run poster, joining “La Calavera”, “El Corazon”, and “La Luna” to be featured in a giant 11″ x 18″ format on thick card stock. There will only be 500 Sirenas produced.

SAN ANTONIO — the posters debuted last weekend at Dragon’s Lair, but you have a second chance to score them this weekend, Friday May 13th and Saturday the 14th! I’ll be appearing at Paper Trail SA 2016, located at Brick at Blue Star (108 Blue Star / 78204). I’ll be signing ‘La Sirena’ posters, but there will only be fifty available, at the special event price of $20 each! Come get ’em, San Antonio — and check out over forty illustrators and print makers under one roof.

Friday’s ‘Night Market’ is a pre-shop event, with advance tickets required for those who want to beat the Saturday crowds. (A few tickets still available, as of now.) Open 7pm to 9pm.

Saturday is Artist Market Day and it’s free to the public. Open 11am to 6pm.

FOR THOSE WHO DON’T LIVE IN SAN ANTONIO — especially all members of The Lone Boy List — I’ve got you covered!

There will be a one-week online order window to purchase ‘La Sirena’ posters — as well as ‘La Luna’, ‘El Corazon’, and ‘La Calavera’ posters. Orders will be taken from Monday, May 16th to Monday, May 23rd via the Lone Boy shop. The single poster price will be $25, including shipping and handling. No international orders, please. Only orders within the continental United States. All Lone Boy List members will be notified in advance and given priority. This will be the only chance to order these posters online this year.

I’m looking forward to the Paper Trail extravaganza this weekend and thank you to the event’s founder and host, Tiny Roar Creative, for inviting me.

6 thoughts on “By Popular Demand: The ‘La Sirena’ Poster!

  1. I would love to be on your Lone Boy list but can’t seem to find a spot to sign up. Also, there seems to be some yellow print in the white box above this form but it shows up on my tablet as a kinda yellowish smudge. From poking it, I guess it’s to go back a page. I tried adjusting the brightness on my Kindle Fire but it didn’t help and my computer died so it’s this or nothing, right now. Black or dark colored print on white always works, if less artistic.

  2. I would love to be added to the Lone Boy list!!! Also, when will you have more items instock? Im interested in the whole collection! You are amazing!!!

    • Hi, Brittany! Thank you. 🙂 Sorry that I just now noticed this comment. It’s been nuts over here. Sending out alerts to Lone Boy List Members today and tomorrow. The Loteria Grande Series Two cards are available for online sales until Monday, December 5th. After that, they’ll no longer be available for sale online. Link coming your way soon!

  3. Hey I wanted to ask you a question if you don’t mind, I wondering where you can go to sign up for the Lone boy list? And if you plan on restocking the card collections again?😊 If so do I go somewhere to get notified ? Btw i’m sorry if I’m asking to many questions.😅

    • 1) You’re now added! 🙂

      2) Once the Grande Cards run out, they’re gone. I only print 1000 of each. The good news is that I’ve seen fans selling singles of various cards around the internet. I’m considering starting a Loteria Facebook page where fans can buy, sell, and trade my Grande Cards. That way, those that are looking for certain cards might be able to score them off of those who have any extras.

      3) All good questions. Once you’re the on the List, you’ll get notifications when I have Loteria announcements. 🙂 Thanks, Angela!

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